Famous Female Escorts from History until Now

the escort industry was established long time ago. History is full with historical female escorts that had significant roles in history. Here are some examples of the most famous female escorts through history.

1. Aphasia:
Aphasia was a prostitute and a brothel keeper. She was in love with the statesman Pericles and they had a son called Pericles the junior. Aphasia’s place was an intellectual center in Athens that attracted the most significant thinkers during this period including Socrates. Plato, Aristophanes, Xenophon, and other writers mentioned her in their works. Her life is studied as an example for women in the ancient Greek history.

2. Rahab:
According to the Book of Joshua, Rahab played a significant role in helping the Jews to capture the city of Jerusalem. The Book of Joshua sets her as an example of faith and good works despite her profession as a brothel keeper.
She came from a middle-class family and instead of being a slave as a wife; she chose to be a prostitute. She was so intelligent.

3. Madame du Barry:
The last official mistress of Louis XV of France who was killed during the French revolution. She had an influence in the decisions of Louis XV. She made multiple relationships from the king’s ministers to his courtiers.
After the execution of the king, she was captures, imprisoned and killed.

4. Nell Gwynn:

Nell lived in London from 1650 to 1687. She was the daughter of a brothel owner who was alcoholic and didn’t care about the hand jobs that his daughter was giving for free behind the brothel. Then her life changed when she met King Charles II during a play. The king invited her to the castle and she officially became his escort. The king had a lot of escorts that were poisoned by Nell so she became the king’s favorite escort.
She became the most acceptable escort of the king due to two situations.
The first situation was when one of her detractors screamed that she was a prostitute so Nell just replied in front of everyone that yes, she is a prostitute. Find something else that you can fight about.
The second situation was when people mistook her with another mistress and began to call her the Catholic whore. She simply get her head out of the carriage and told them that they were mistaken as she is theProtestant whore not the Catholic one.

 5. Georgina Beyer:
A famous escort from Australia who started her career as a transsexual then as a stripper in nightclubs then she was raped by 4 men. After this attack, Georgina decided to leave Australia and travel to New Zealand. In 1984, she changed her career from being a sex worker and became an actress. Then she worked as a radio host and became a politician lately. In 1995, she became first transgendered mayor in the whole world then another surprise when she was elected to the New Zealand parliament in 1999. She retired politics in 2007 and now she is an activist in the fight for homosexual, bisexual and transgendered rights.

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