How to be a professional female escort?

Becoming a professional female escort is not easy. You need to know a lot of things before choosing this career. It is a kind of personal business so it has its benefits and its disadvantages that influence you as an escort directly. Let’s see how you can begin your career as an escort and to complete properly to be professional.

1. Think properly:

There are a lot of questions that you should answer before deciding to be an escort. Some of these questions are:
• Are you ready enough psychologically to be a professional escort?
• Who are you going to tell about your decision?
• You may lose a lot of people, are you prepared for this? Know that it is a huge emotional burden to live with.
• Do you enjoy having sex? And will you enjoy having sex without passion with clients who will be completely stranger to you at first?
• Do you know everything about the health issues of being an escort? Do you know the risks of having HIV infection or a sexually transmitted disease?
• Are you flexible to satisfy the needs of your clients? Know that you will meet a lot of weird clients.
The answers to these questions will help you make the proper decision.

2. Why would you be an escort?
So you have decided to be an escort. Why would you succeed in this profession? There are some benefits of being a good escort.
• You feel sexy and hot. This profession will make you feel sexier.
• You will get paid a lot for having one of the most amazing pleasures; sex.
• You will go to interesting places. Business men hire escorts all the time.
• You will be the escort of a lot of men without emotional commitment in case you have a fear of commitment.
If you are lazy and want to do something really fun, you are the one for the job.

3. Set your own rules:

These rules are meant to keep you safe. Be safe and follow them typically.
• Be paid first before offering your services. The payment can be done by several ways. The client can handle the money to your agent; the money can be kept discreetly in a hotel room.
• Say no to what you don’t offer. For example, if you don’t offer anal sex and the client want it, simply say no and pay back his money.
• Use the protective measures. Condoms and contraceptive pills should be with you the whole time.
• Keep your personal life separate from your business life. Be professional.

4. Choose an agency:
Working as an escort independently is risky. The agency has a lot of benefits and the only disadvantage is that you will have to pay a percentage of what you earn.
Here are some benefits of hiring an agent or working for an agency.
• The agency will make the whole arrangements including the payment method, the place and the right client for your services.
• The agency will keep you safe against violent clients and blackmailing situations.
• The agency will advertise your services well.

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